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Graduation Party Style Guide: What to Wear as a Guest

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The season of high school and college graduation is almost here. So, now would be a perfect time to pick your outfit for the event.

Graduation parties can last hours. So, make sure you pick an outfit that’s a power combo of comfy and stylish. Because the event unfolds in the spring season, a great way to start putting your outfit together would be to take inspiration from the season itself. Some styles that can work gorgeously with the event include tailored dresses, chic lightweight pieces, and elegant co-ord sets. For shoes, wedge heels and block heels in neutral hues are a great choice. Men can look classy in a relaxed blazer, a subtly printed button-down shirt, or a well-fitted polo top.

To help you determine exactly what to wear as a guest, we’ve compiled a wide range of outfit ideas for graduation parties.


Is There a Dress Code for Graduation Parties?

Guests don’t usually have a strict dress code for graduation parties. However, it’s always best to show up wearing a dressier outfit rather than a casual one.

Putting together a graduation party outfit is pretty much like selecting an outfit for yourself as a wedding guest. Wearing school colors is a massive no. The goal here is to wear outfits that make you look stunning but not take the attention away from the grad.

Taking the “chic road” is hands down the best option for ladies. A graduation ceremony is the perfect occasion to flaunt a spring-forward outfit. Ladies can choose pale pastel mini dresses or look stunning in bright maxi dresses with subtle cutouts. Other options include a knit midi dress that brings the best out of your curves or pieces with floral accents and springtime ruffles. You can even rock those cool jumpsuits and elegant matching sets.

Once you have the dress ready, you can finish the outfit off with simple gold jewelry, and comfy wedge heels in neutral hues (or chic flats).


What Should Female Guests Wear?

Dressing for a graduation party is easier than you think. From chic outfits to relaxed silhouettes – here’s your no-fail style guide to dressing for the event:


The All-Classic Jeans Plus A Statement Top

Looking for a no-fuss and ultra-convenient outfit selection for graduation day? Don’t think twice before picking the super chic (yet gorgeously casual) combo of funky denim and a statement top. For shoes, go with a pair of cute pumps. Or, slip those neutral-hued flats on if there’s a lot of walking to do on grass. Finish off the attire with an elegant cross-body clutch. See? It’s that simple!


Relaxed and Breezy Silhouettes

If you want your outfit to scream “Welcome spring!”, go for pieces featuring relaxed silhouettes and breezy fabrics. Not only will such a dress create an elegant look but it will also keep you super comfy throughout the day. Pick a wrap-style dress with a well-tailored waist hugging your body in all the right places. If you’re looking for something more “fun,” go for a patterned co-ord set with flared pants and subtle smocking. Add a touch of “casual” to the outfit with a jean jacket and wood block heels.


A Chic (and Almost Fancy) Skirt and Top Set 

For ladies looking to make a statement, a delicately patterned skirt and top set would be a lovely option. Dress sets will help you craft an effortless head-to-toe look that pairs flawlessly with shoes in neutral hues. Deep v-necklines, elegant boatnecks, and strapless necklines are the hottest trends in dress sets today. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, go for a matching top and pants set in pastel shades and pair it with sleek pumps.


Comfy and Stylish Jumpsuits

If you’re looking for something stylishly minimal, pick a wide-legged jumpsuit featuring a square neckline. Let your jumpsuit flaunt a subtle color pop and pair it with strappy heels in a matching hue. Complete the look with folded hoop earrings and bold red lipstick. You’re now ready to rock the party!


How to Accessorize 

Simple gold jewelry can work wonders with your graduation guest outfit. If you’re wearing a simple outfit, go for a statement necklace. Or look stunning in oversized stud earrings. Go for a crossbody clutch to elevate the look of your springtime dress. Some stylish and comfy shoe options would be flats, wedge heels, or block heels.


What Should Male Guests Wear? 

Dressing for a graduation party as a guest is super simple for men. Here are a few fail-proof ideas:


The Classic 

The classic male guest outfit for a graduation party includes dress pants and a lightweight blazer. Go for pastel hues to create a simple yet sophisticated look. The jeans and blazer combo is also a great option if you want to add a casual touch to the outfit. For shoes, go for an elegant brown pair. If you’re looking to add a little dimension to your overall outfit, pick a subtly printed button-down shirt in blue or a baby pink hue.


The Dressy 

If you’re looking for a dressy option that looks and feels effortless, choose a short-sleeved polo-neck shirt that fits you perfectly. Elevate the look by teaming it with a pair of dark grey or black tapered pants. Finish off the outfit by wearing brown or black shoes. If you like to wear jewelry, wear a stylish carbon black bracelet for a polished look.


The Patterned 

If you’re not a fan of outfits that are formal or dressy, simply lean on patterns. A patterned top is a no-fuss way to look super interesting without having to sacrifice your comfort. Pick a white, short-sleeve button-down shirt featuring a subtle pattern and pair it with white skinny pants or a classic pair of denim. Use white loafers to class up your overall look.


A Final Word! 

Nothing can be more beautiful than celebrating the success of your family and friends. Regardless of the outfit you pick, you’re sure to look super stylish at the event. Remember though, while style is important, comfort takes equal priority. Go for outfits and shoes that look and feel effortless. If you ever feel unsure about the dress code, know that it’s better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

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