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Poetry: Could Be – New York Almanack

by Ohio Digital News

Could Be

I think we lost the sun, it hasn’t shined in quite some time.
Could it be we went and pushed our luck too far?

While gazing at the sea, it transformed before my eyes.
Could it be the spills have turned it into tar?

I have sailed out on the lakes, but have seen no fish in them.
Could it be that factories’ fumes have been the cause?

And when looking up at night, there’s no stars left in the sky.
Could it be there was an error in our laws?

I have searched far and wide, but see no animals about.
Could it be their judgment day has come and gone?

Now I look out on bare ground, there are no more trees around.
Could it be something wrong man had done?

And when Spring came along, there was no grass to walk upon.
Could it be it took us just too long to look?

I had to buy a mask, for there was poison in the air.
Could this be the final chapter in our book?

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