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Julia Fox debuts bleached brows, silver hair at NYFW Costume Ball

by Ohio Digital News

Wherefore art thou, Julia?

Julia Fox went for a romantic look at The Costume Ball during NYFW 2024, trading her usual black leather looks for a taupe and lavender gown and matching hair as she stepped out Sunday night.

The “Uncut Gems” star, 34, had been wearing her locks in a dark red style for quite some time, but she debuted a pale silver shade tinged with lavender for fashion week.

Fox also went back to the bleached brow look she first rocked in 2022, matching her muted hair to her outfit.

The $2,836 Eunoia dress — dubbed The Shakespearean dress — featured a purple corset that laced up with ribbon worn over a floaty gown with a thigh-high slit.

Fox wore a floaty corseted dress on Sunday. GC Images
She wore bright teal eye makeup. GC Images
The model had a wardrobe malfunction in her busty dress. GC Images

The dress is made to order from deadstock fabrics, fitting into Fox’s sustainable DIY aesthetic.

While the look was unusually modest by the model’s standards, she did nearly have a wardrobe malfunction in the low-cut look as she strutted down a NYC street in coordinating lace-up heels.

The “Down the Drain” author left her accessories at home for the night, going jewelry-free in favor of some seriously bright makeup.

Fox went for a barely-there white ‘fit on Friday. GC Images
She donned a diaper-esque look Friday night. GC Images

Her eyes stood out with crayon-like colors of teal and white and she accented her cheeks with purple-pink blush.

As usual, the “OMG Fashun” host made the streets of NYC her runway as she hit NYFW, with the former dominatrix sporting a white outfit constructed entirely out of a bow at the Willy Chavarria show on Friday and a diaper-like white skirt with a tank the same night.

With two more days of fashion week fun to come, we have no doubt Fox will turn heads multiple times over.

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