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Unique Wedding Dress Ideas to Look Stunning on Your Big Day

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So, the day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl is finally within sight. Now, as the most beautiful bride-to-be in the world, you’ll naturally want to look absolutely unique on your big day. While we’re sure you already have some ideas floating around in your creative mind, we’ve compiled eight solid ways you can customize your wedding dress to make the look exclusive only to you. 

Different Wedding Dress Styles

When it comes to making your wedding dress truly and gorgeously unique, it’s important to explore the many bridal styles available out there. The style a bride-to-be picks reflects her personality and even adds to the overall wedding theme. Once you know your bridal style, it gets endlessly easier to pick your dream dress. The six most popular bridal styles include: 

  • Fairytale or romantic style 
  • Boho style 
  • Glamorous or royal style 
  • Class or traditional style 
  • Modern minimalist style 
  • Non-traditional style 

Your Mini-Guide to Unique-ing Your Bridal Gown

You deserve to shine brighter than the stars on your big day. This is why adding a touch to your gown that is “uniquely you,” is vital. Here are eight ways you can customize your wedding attire to uniqueness!

Bring A Dash of Color

Who said a wedding dress must always be painted in traditional white or ivory? Adding a subtle dash of color to your gown is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stand out from the traditional bridal code. Paint your gown in soft hues like smokey lavender and misty blue. Or, if you love adventure, don’t hesitate to go with bold black. Other ways to add delicate drama to your non-traditional bridal attire include infusing a subtle swirling floral pattern, or peachy pink lace. 

Get Creative with the Neckline

Some of the most common bridal dress necklines include sweetheart, straight, V-neck, plunging, illusion, high, boatneck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, scoop, halter, and square necklines. If you’re not fully satisfied with the neckline that your gown comes with, talk to your seamstress about the ways you can get creative with it. For instance, necklines like Queen Anne, jewel-infused necklines, and portrait necklines can bring a unique flair to your gown. Just be sure to match the neckline with the type of skirt your dress features. 

Accessorize Out of the Box

Not a fan of experimenting with your bridal gown? No problem, get creative with your accessories! Hunt for a statement piece of jewelry. This could be a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Do something new with your hairstyle and deploy hairpieces to create a unique look. You can even change your accessories and hairstyle from ceremony to reception to create a second stunning look. 

The Veil is More Powerful than You Think!

Your veil has the power to transform the way your wedding dress looks. Here are a few unique veil options to elevate your bridal outfit:

  • Cathedral-length veil. If you’re looking to add a good dose of drama to your bridal look, this super-long and extra-dramatic veil can work wonders. This veil will cascade out from your dress to add a good dose of glamor to your overall look.
  • Chapel-length veil. If you’ve imagined your veil cascading down to your feet, don’t hesitate to go with a piece that comes with lace, tulle, or sparkly borders. 
  • Fingertip-length veil. If you plan to highlight the gorgeousness of your gown, a short, fingertip-length veil is perfect for you. 
  • Layered veil. Cathedral-length, chapel-length, or finger-tip length – a layered veil is a perfect way to add some volume to your wedding look 


Incorporate Bows, Buttons, and Beading

A great way to stand out while highlighting your feminine beauty is to incorporate detachable bows into your dress. These could be big or small and made from tulle or satin. Or, you can channel Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn by gracing your wedding attire with chic buttons. These could go all the way to the hem of your dress or look oh-so-pretty down the back. Another way to add big customizations with little details is to opt for beadwork. 

Sash It Up!

Sashes look stunning on every attire and wedding gowns are no exception. Aside from making your gown truly unique, sashes also accentuate your waistline. You can either have a sash sewn into your dress or include it as a detachable element. A few great sash choices for bridal gowns include beaded, lace, and ribbon sashes.

Play with the Length

Most traditional wedding gowns are floor-length. If you want to try something fresh on your big day, don’t hesitate to explore bridal styles with shorter lengths. A short wedding dress doesn’t just look unique but it also allows you to have maximum fun dancing during reception. Go for a tea-length piece designed for twirling or pick a knee-length dress for a chic and modern look. You can even include a long, detachable skirt for the ceremony and then take it off when the clock ticks “reception” for that perfect transitional look!

Feeling Adventurous? Customize with Jackets & Capes

If you’re willing to go all out with your bridal dress customizations, consider adding a jacket or cape for an ultra-unique, two-in-one look. Or, if you haven’t purchased your wedding dress already, simply look for designer dresses that offer these additions. If you’re trying to be a little low-key with your customizations, you can even consider adding puffy, lace-infused, and detachable sleeves!

Before You Go 

You are one-of-a-kind and so should your wedding dress be! After all, nothing is more beautiful than being uniquely you. Now that you know what would set you apart, it’s time to get to work because no amount of time is ever enough to make your bridal look picture-perfect. If you haven’t bought your bridal dress already, we recommend you look for designer pieces that already come with unique elements. This can help you save up on those heavy customization costs down the line. That said, we’re sure you’ll look (and feel) downright stunning on your big day!

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