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Samsung Galaxy A25 5G in for review

by Ohio Digital News

Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy A25 – the entry-level phone that is however very important for Samsung in its quest to regain the smartphone crown.

The Galaxy A25 needs to live up, or as the case may be, surpass its predecessor, the Galaxy A24 and we’d say it does it thoroughly.

The new phone adds 5G (the Galaxy A24 was LTE-only) courtesy of a more efficient 5nm Exynos 1280 chipset. It also brings the Super AMOLED screen to 120Hz, up from 90Hz on its predecessor. Sadly that AMOLED still lacks a fingerprint scanner embedded into it – it’s a capacitive side-mounted one for the Galaxy A25.

Finally, you get a higher-res 8MP ultrawide compared to a 5MP one on the outgoing model.

Samsung Galaxy A25 in for review

There’s not much to say about the box contents. Like the A24, the Galaxy A25 ships with a single USB cable – if it’s good enough for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it’s good enough for one of the cheapest Galaxy A members, we guess.

We got the Personality Yellow unit, an enchanting color. There’s a more subdued Brave Black, Fantasy Blue, and an Optimistic Blue.

The Galaxy A25 adopts Samsung’s updated design language with a slightly sculpted frame, which is both nicer to touch and more secure in the hand.

The Samsung Galaxy A25
The Samsung Galaxy A25

The Samsung Galaxy A25

Now then, let’s get to testing. Stay tuned for our findings!

Samsung Galaxy A25

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