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Leftovers: Dunkin’ muscles into protein powder | Danone whips up International Delight cold foam creamer

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Leftovers is our look at a few of the product ideas popping up everywhere. Some are intriguing, some sound amazing and some are the kinds of ideas we would never dream of. We can’t write about everything that we get pitched, so here are some leftovers pulled from our inboxes.

Dunkin’ muscles its way into strength and fitness 

Consumers looking to add muscle mass could soon find the answer in an unexpected place: a glazed Dunkin’ donut.

The chain is partnering with Bellring Brands’ Dymatize, a nutritional and bodybuilding supplement, to create a drool-worthy innovation: ISO100 in Dunkin’ Glazed Donut flavor. 

The offering contains 25 grams of ultra-fast absorbing protein per serving. It’s designed to help fitness enthusiasts as well as Dunkin’ lovers build muscle and meet their fitness goals. This latest flavor complements previous ISO100 flavors — Dunkin’ Cappuccino and Mocha Latte.

“Dymatize is always looking for new flavors and exciting partnerships, while never sacrificing our commitment to science-backed nutrition,” Matt Echave, associate director at Dymatize, said in a statement. “Our partnership with Dunkin’ underscores that commitment; the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness and flavor of Dunkin’s iconic Glazed donut plus hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, empowers our consumers to go further.”

The sports nutrition category is no stranger to combining physical fitness with indulgence as it aims to attract consumers and rid protein powders of the dry, powdery stigma that has long been associated with the category.

In addition to Dunkin’, Dymatize has partnered with other brands such as Post Holdings’ Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles. 

Entenmann’s worked with supplement brand Obvi in 2021 to create a collagen-boosting protein powder that tastes like chocolate chip cookies. A year earlier, Hostess Brands teamed up with Bodybuilding.com to introduce protein powder flavors with flavors such as Hostess Twinkies and Chocolate CupCakes.

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international delight

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International Delight whips up at-home cold foam

Danone’s International Delight is aiming to give cold brew a sweet boost with its latest product launch, Cold Foam Creamer.

The whipped cream offering is designed to top iced coffee beverages. It can then be shaken, stirred or left on top to gradually mix into the coffee to create a creamy sweetness. The Cold Foam Creamer is available in three flavors: French Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato and Sweet and Creamy.

“With International Delight Cold Foam Creamer, we are delivering an innovative and convenient new way to effortlessly bring a foamy, creamy twist to your daily coffee ritual,” said Kallie Goodwin, vice president of marketing for creamers at Danone North America. “This revolutionary product allows coffee lovers nationwide to revel in a foaming delicious, multi-sensorial experience with delightful flavors and texture in every sip.”

Cold foam first came to nationwide prominence through coffee giant Starbucks, which debuted the ingredient at its stores in 2018. It has since become a coffee shop staple. In its press release, Danone said the popularity of cold foam on social media drove its decision to craft a version for home consumption without the need for a frother.

The company pointed to the 321 million views amassed on TikTok videos instructing consumers how to make cold foam at home, and Mintel data which found more than 50% of consumers craft coffee shop-style drinks at home.

International Delight first debuted in 1987 and is widely available in grocers across the country. The creamer brand has leaned into nostalgic flavors and tapped into popular media for some of its launches in recent years, such as holiday-themed offerings featuring Elf and the Grinch, along with a Hazelnut Mocha creamer inspired by the Central Perk coffee shop from the hit sitcom Friends.

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Oatly foodservice agreement

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Oatly partners with coffee retailer

Oatly announced a new foodservice distribution arrangement with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Starting this week, the Swedish alternative milk company’s Barista Blend oatmilk will be available at more than 180 cafes throughout the U.S.

Oatly also debuted a new limited-time offering in collaboration with the retailer. The Vanilla Spiced Oat Latte is designed to “chase away the winter chills.” It features a distinct flavor profile with both the warmth of spiced ingredients and the creamy richness of vanilla, the company said. 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Brand has 1,094 retail locations globally and can also be found in grocery aisles as well as specialty locations.

“With our roots in the US inextricably tied to the coffee channel, we are so happy to continue widening our presence in this space,” Mike Messersmith, president of Oatly North America, said in a statement. 

Alternative milk options have been rising in popularity and Oatly has been at the forefront of that movement despite running into some headwinds recently. 

The company reported net losses of $75.6 million last quarter, citing supply chain issues. However, a decline in consumer demand for plant-based options also may be contributing to its struggles. 

To achieve the frothy texture it’s known for, Oatly’s products have a base of oats and water with added ingredients like rapeseed oil.

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