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Indian Creek is luring in more billionaires than ever before

by Ohio Digital News


Even some members of the 1 percent aren’t rich enough for this elite enclave. 

In Florida’s hyper-exclusive Indian Creek Village, the fabulously wealthy are being pushed out by the world’s most moneyed individuals. 

Located on a man-made barrier island accessible only via a well-guarded bridge, Miami-Dade County’s “Billionaire Bunker” has long been known for its incredibly deep-pocketed residents — but since the coronavirus pandemic, its 41 lots have increasingly become the homes of billionaires. 

“This is all post-COVID, and it was actually quite different before,” Dina Goldentayer, who has been involved with multiple Indian Creek Village sales, told Bloomberg of the town’s rapid rise in more pronounced affluence. 

Today, real estate on the island — which has its own mayor — is regularly priced close to $100 million, while less than a decade ago “there would be five or six listings at the same time and $20 million was a big sale,” Goldentayer added.

Bezos’ 19,064-square-foot abode. Dina Goldentayer Real Estate
The second of Bezos’ island home purchases. Dina Goldentayer Real Estate
Ivanka and Jared’s crib. MEGA
The island even has its own mayor. MEGA
Bezos spent $68 million on an area home before spending $78 million on the house next door just two months later. Romain Maurice/MEGA
There are only 41 lots on the island. MEGA
An aerial view of Bezos’ adjacent Indian Creek Island properties. MEGA
The island is located in Miami-Dade County. Romain Maurice/MEGA
An aerial view of the island. Google Maps
Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner count themselves as Indian Creek Island residents. AFP via Getty Images
Jeff Bezos is a property owner there, too. Getty Images

So, who’s been coming in?

In August, Amazon titan and billionaire Jeff Bezos shelled out a reported $68 million for a 9,259-square-foot mansion in the village; just two months later, he dropped an additional $78 million on the 19,064-square-foot home next door. In December, The Post reported that Bezos will likely tear both those homes down as part of his relocation from Washington State — and he’s even on the prowl for more in nearby Palm Beach, where billionaire hedge fund king Ken Griffin is amassing his own huge estate.

Other Indian Creek homeowners include Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who paid a reported $32 million for a French neoclassical-style manse nearby — as well as Tom Brady, Carl Icahn, Eddie Lampert and David Guetta, according to Bloomberg.

Together, Indian Creek’s five most well-off homeowners own a staggering $191 billion. That’s a truly unprecedented amount which, even in South Florida, which “has always been infamous for gated communities,” and represents an enormous new “infusion of the top 0.0001% in and around Miami,” the University of Toronto’s School of Cities professor Richard Florida told the publication. 

As a result, “Only the very wealthy, the billionaires” can now afford to live on the isle, HistoryMiami Museum resident historian Paul George added to the outlet. “Hundreds of millions aren’t gonna cut it anymore.”


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