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BREAKING: Hamas Leader ASSASINATED In Beirut; IDF Conquers Hamas Outpost In Gaza City

by Ohio Digital News

On this 89th day of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, I, Pinto, bring you updates from Israel as I traverse back into the Gaza Strip. The recent incident in Beirut involving the execution of Salak Elari and his associates showcased an exceptionally well-executed operation. Kudos to the mastermind behind it—a genius display of precision, real-time intelligence, and a lethal strike in the heart of an Arab capital, eliminating one of Israel’s formidable adversaries.

Ash Salaki, terminated in a building serving as a Hamas office in Daria Aala, a stronghold in the south of Beirut, was accompanied by about five others, at least two of them identified as commanders in the Hamas Terror organization. El Arari, a key figure in the military wing of Hamas, enjoyed close ties with Shiite allies, including Iran, Kisala, and Islamic Jihad. Until his untimely demise, he held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Political Bureau of Hamas but was primarily engrossed in financing and directing terrorist activities, with a focus on Judea and Samaria in Israel.

Notably, Kassan Asala, the leader of Risala, suggests that Israel orchestrated the assassination in Beirut, posing a challenge for him. As he contemplates the ruins of the targeted apartment, he faces the dilemma of whether to subject all of Beirut to a similar fate in the coming days or weeks.

In response to accusations of involvement, the IDF spokesman remains tight-lipped, emphasizing their commitment to combat and defend the nation. Meanwhile, in Gaza City, the 41 combat team executed a precise raid on the Eastern Outpost, a strategic hub for Hamas. This stronghold, nestled amidst civilian structures, housed an underground command bunker. The sh K Battalion unearthed tunnel routes, engaging in face-to-face combat with Hamas terrorists.

Simultaneously, the 52nd combat team raided a building from which Hamas militants were firing, resulting in a fierce exchange. The IDF forces, including the shalag Special Forces unit, neutralized the terrorist squad, showcasing the intensity of the encounter. The 61st Engineering Battalion and the Y D unit destroyed an extensive tunnel network in the elaj area, discovering weapons and intelligence materials in the process.

Moving to the West Bank, the Ephraim Brigade faced attacks in Kar Aun, responding decisively by neutralizing terrorists and confiscating their weaponry. Simultaneously, the IDF, shinb, and Border Police arrested seven wanted individuals across Judea and Samaria, seizing weapons for further investigation.

In solemn remembrance, Major Miran Moshe G, a fallen IDF soldier, is acknowledged for his sacrifice in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Finally, a New York Times investigation sheds light on the horrifying events of the 7th of October Massacre, revealing the heinous acts committed by Hamas. Let us unite in prayer for the victims, their mental well-being, and the revelation of truth, aiming for global awareness to end Islamic terrorism. May peace prevail in Israel and Jerusalem, and may the IDF triumph in securing the return of hostages from captivity. Help spread the truth about the situation in Israel to the world

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