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Touring Kfar Aza ruins, Evangelicals call Hamas savagery ‘revolting’

by Ohio Digital News

Kanan Linski reporting for All Israel News here in Kibara with a delegation of Evangelical leaders led by Joe Rosenberg and Governor Mike Huckabee. Knesset member Danny Donon has also joined us. We’re currently in Karaza, in close proximity to Gaza, and advise being prepared with vests in case of a red alert. Despite the tens of thousands of IDF troops inside Gaza, the situation is relatively peaceful at the moment.

We’re about to embark on a tour with the IDF spokesperson to discuss the events in Karaza, which sadly became a symbol of the October 7th conflict. On the 6th of October, Kibbutz Fara had 900 residents, but on the 7th, 63 were murdered, 18 kidnapped into Gaza, six severely injured, and one remains unaccounted for. Ofir Libin, the head of the Regional Council, believed in peace and development, envisioning Gaza as the next Silicon Valley. However, the reality on October 7th turned the place into a nightmare.

The devastation included unimaginable scenes of dismembered bodies, rape, and arson carried out by looters. The aftermath, visible outside apartments, reveals the horrors residents faced. The delegation emphasizes the need to stand with Israel, confront Iran, and advocate for a change of leadership in Tehran. The focus is on uprooting the culture of hate to pave the way for lasting peace.

The report continues with interviews from families impacted by the hostage situation, shedding light on the global nature of the crisis involving civilians from 25 different countries. The delegation expresses anger at Iran, Hamas terrorists, and calls for unity against such acts of evil. The Christian perspective, rooted in biblical promises, emphasizes standing with Israel during this critical time.

The report concludes with the delegation’s visit to Kibbutz Fara, where they witness the aftermath of the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th. The Evangelical leaders express their commitment to bear witness, report on ongoing war atrocities, and stand with Israel in solidarity.

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