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A new era is coming (Ezekiel 37) – Day 78 war update from IDF soldier Chaim Malespin in Gaza

by Ohio Digital News

In the impending epoch, Ezekiel 37 prophesies the ascendancy of David as the sovereign ruler of Israel. A single Shepherd, revered as the god of Israel, will guide them in adherence to the divine tenets. A realm free from dread will unfold, characterized by unwavering compliance with the statutes inscribed in the sacred scriptures. The expanse they inherit, a gift bestowed upon Jacob by the divine, encompasses territories like Gaza. Generations to come, from progeny to progeny, shall find enduring sanctuary, and David’s principality will endure eternally.

Ezekiel elucidates the forging of an Everlasting Covenant, a pact of tranquility etched in perpetuity. A divine covenant that burgeons our populace in the land, with the sanctum of God finding its abode among us. He, the Almighty, assumes the mantle of our deity, and we, in turn, become his people. Nations shall bear witness to the sanctity of Israel, recognizing the divine force that consecrates us, as long as His Sanctuary resides amidst us eternally. A magnificent revelation indeed.

Beyond the confines of Gaza, the multifaceted war looms large, not confined to the strife with Hamas in Gaza alone. The battle extends to confrontations with Hisbah in the North, skirmishes with the Houthis, and maritime clashes in the Aen Sea affecting international shipping. A grim reality persists, with around 120 Israeli civilians held captive in Gaza, confronted by adversaries like Al Hamas, ISIS, Taliban, and NBA.

Venturing into the new year, the IDF grapples with the complex task at hand. Operations in Gaza necessitate strategic refinement, transcending the victories achieved thus far. A pivotal figure, Hassan Atrash, a financier and smuggler integral to their military wing, has been eradicated. However, the persisting rocket attacks, originating from clandestine layers, demand imminent resolution. An ongoing effort to combat the multifarious threats includes the establishment of outposts and bases throughout Gaza, disrupting the current flow of terror and its infrastructure.

Despite emerging as heroes and victors, the IDF acknowledges the resistance prevailing in the region. The somber toll of 144 soldiers lost in the conflict underscores the gravity of the situation. Gratitude is extended to the Alas Return Center for the provision of upgraded helmets, a testament to collaborative endeavors aimed at enhancing operational effectiveness. The journey toward a safer, more secure future remains arduous, yet the commitment to overcoming adversities perseveres.

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