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Mike Huckabee in Kfar Aza: These sights are worse than I could have imagined

by Ohio Digital News

In the heart of Karaza, alongside Governor Mike Hakabe Shalom Shalom, I find myself for the first time. The news has reached your ears, and the videos have unfolded before your eyes, but being physically present transcends mere comprehension. The reality here is more harrowing than my imagination dared to fathom. The indescribable horrors endured by these individuals are beyond the capacity any human should endure. The atrocities and brutality inflicted upon the people of Israel demand global comprehension. Let us not feign the existence of two opposing facets; there exists a realm of virtue and another steeped in malevolence.

The malevolence perpetrated against the Jewish community stands as an incontrovertible manifestation of evil. No alternate rationale can account for the heinous acts committed. Initially, it appeared that the entire world stood in solidarity with us, the day after. However, as time elapsed, solidarity waned, creating an unwarranted challenge for Israel. Such challenges should not prevail. It is imperative that the world comprehends the plight of those still held captive in Gaza, representing 25 nations, including the United States. The hostages were not ensnared in an altruistic endeavor; rather, Hamas took them as pawns to prolong their machinations. My fervent desire is for each hostage to reunite with their families, but more crucially, for Israel to garner unwavering global support in obliterating those responsible for the reprehensible acts against innocent lives.

The term “innocent” resonates deeply, particularly when considering the second wave of so-called Gaza citizens. It is vital to recall that innocent lives are perishing in Gaza, not due to Israeli actions, but because Hamas sowed an unparalleled level of chaos. Another facet to consider is the electoral choice made by the people of Gaza, catapulting Hamas into power. The ramifications of elections, as eloquently stated by Barack Obama, carry consequences. The consequences of electing Hamas to lead Gaza have transformed what could have been a paradise on Earth into a veritable abyss. Every financial allocation intended for the well-being of their people was diverted to construct tunnels and manufacture weaponry, not for the benefit of their own populace, but to perpetrate violence upon those unknown to them.

Addressing the second wave involves recounting the accounts of Gazans unaffiliated with Hamas, engaging in looting amidst the carnage. Their actions were not only confined to looting but extended to pillaging the homes of those whose lifeless bodies lay strewn about. The grotesque nature of their actions, where they stepped over the deceased to plunder, raises profound questions about human morality.

In the realm of U.S.-Israel relations, initial robust support from President Biden is acknowledged. Yet, there looms a sense that this backing is diminishing under mounting pressure. The question of how the U.S. policies will evolve remains uncertain. I ardently hope that unwavering support for Israel endures, recognizing that Israel alone should dictate the course of its response. Drawing parallels to historical events, envisioning other nations dictating America’s actions in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor is inconceivable. The current circumstances demand solidarity, not directives.

Reflecting on these days, bridging the gap between distant observation and firsthand experience is challenging. The loss of a 22-year-old niece on the inaugural day of this tragedy, coupled with hearing the heart-wrenching stories during the journey, emphasizes the gravity of the situation. The anguish is personal, underscored by encounters with parents of a hostage, their son missing for 75 agonizing days. Visiting the Hostage Village in Tel Aviv, where a poignant poster depicted their son, I shared a moment of solidarity, promising daily prayers for his safe return. The ramifications of Hamas’ actions transcend borders, tearing families apart globally. We must resist the normalization of such atrocities and fervently hope humanity never becomes desensitized to such horrors.

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