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Leftovers: Snoop Dogg swaps smoking for sipping | General Mills’ Cheerios go green

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Snoop Dogg trades smoking for sipping with CBD, THC beverages

Well known as a connoisseur of weed throughout his career, Snoop Dogg is taking his cannabis credentials to the next level with his latest foray in the CPG space.

The rap legend is collaborating with Hill Beverage Co., a hemp-based products company which debuted this year, on a hemp-infused beverage line: Do It Fluid. The drinks were pitched in the press release as an alternative to both drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis.

The drinks arrive in four flavors: Blood Orange, Peaches and Honies, Blue Razz and Cherry Limeade. Each flavor is sold in CBD-only as well as Delta-9 THC + CBD blends. Hill Beverage Co. said it plans to launch the drinks in 2024.

“As I take the next step forward in my smoking evolution, Hill Beverage Co.’s vision for cannabis beverages was the perfect transition,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement. “What we’ve created is an all-natural and delicious alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the high, while providing fans with the perfect option for day or night.”

Snoop has made a significant mark on the food and beverage industry in recent years as he works to conquer fields outside of music. Last year he debuted Snazzle Os, an onion ring-inspired snack infused with THC, at California dispensaries. In 2022, he also entered cereal with his company Broadus Foods, launching Snoop Fruity Hoopz, Frosted Drizzlers and Cinnamon Toasteez, which do not contain any substances.

The cannabis beverage category is continuing to expand with new offerings despite the legal issues it faces. Cannabis industry leader Curaleaf is investing heavily in the space, starting with its Zero Proof Squeeze beverage enhancers which it launched this fall.
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Cheerios Veggie blends

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Retrieved from General Mills on December 21, 2023


General Mills’ Cheerios go green

General Mills introduced a new offering of its Cheerios brand with unlikely ingredients — fruits and vegetables. 

The new flavor combines fruit puree and vegetable powder and has a ¼ cup of fruit and vegetables per serving.

With spinach, carrot, sweet potato and whole grain oats, the company said it has created an “expectedly nutritious and surprisingly delicious breakfast food or snack.” 

The cereal is available in both apple strawberry and banana blueberry. 

General Mills has been pumping out new varieties of its cereals and betting on its consumers continuing to see the breakfast staple as a sweet treat. Starting in January, General Mills will debut Twix with Marshmallows, Lucky Charms Berry Swirl, Honey Nut Cheerios Mini and more. 

Recent years have seen better-for-you food options balloon in popularity, the snacking category included. 

With General Mills embracing its cereals being considered snacks, its new fruit and vegetable Cheerios offering could serve a desire among consumers for healthier options. 

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A UK and Australian frozen treat with a cult following invades the US

Doughlicious, a London Dough Co. snack brand, is finally available on this side of the Atlantic. Its frozen snack lineup hit the US market this week with Frozen Cookie Dough & Gelato Bites available at Whole Foods stores across four regions: Northeast, Southwest, Rocky Mountains, and the Mid-Atlantic, which include popular markets such as New York, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Denver.

“The success of Doughlicious in both the UK and Australia propelled our entry into the U.S. market, aiming to be as ubiquitous as leading frozen snack novelties,” said Russell Barnett, Managing Director at Doughlicious in a press release. “We’re redefining snacking expectations while bringing cookie dough to the forefront in the dynamic frozen snacking landscape while setting new standards for accessibility and excellence.”

The snacks are formulated from non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients and contain zero added sugars or artificial preservatives, according to the press release. Varieties available at launch include chocolate chip, chocolate truffle, mint chocolate chip, cinnamon churro, blueberry frozen yogurt and strawberry.

The female-founded food brand’s frozen cookie snacks have something of a cult following in the UK. The bites consist of a delicate cookie dough with a soft cookie coating.

The brand recently hired U.S. CPG veteran Russell Barnett as its new managing director. Barnett has experience at My Mochi Ice Cream, PopChips and Gardein. 

Barnett’s experience no doubt is helping to propel the growth of Doughlicious’s frozen snacks, reminiscent of mochi bites.

“Doughlicious recognizes the bond people share with cookie dough — a snack that sparks nostalgia and fond memories,” explained Kathryn Bricken, Founder of Doughlicious. “We’ve elevated this classic by infusing it with the best ingredients, gluten-free, and all made in our facility in London powered by renewable energy. Owning our own facility ensures that Doughlicious’ Frozen Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites offer exceptional taste and texture, and create the ultimate snacking experience.”

— Rose Palazzolo

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