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Israel-Hamas war: Israeli govt. update on hostages, death toll, and operations

by Ohio Digital News

  • Hostages and Death Toll:

    • 414 soldiers, including Major-General Reserves, Sergeant Bonsall, Sergeant Alma, and Major General Reserves Shaunie, have been confirmed dead in the conflict.
    • The number of hostages held by Hamas is 138, including 127 Israeli citizens and 11 Nationals.
    • Two children and ten individuals over the age of 75 are among the hostages.
  • Military Operations and Human Shields:

    • Israel reports firing 11,500 rockets from Hamas since the start of the conflict.
    • Hamas is using a human shield strategy, launching attacks from within designated humanitarian zones, including near tents of evacuated civilians and United Nations facilities.
    • Israel is demanding clear condemnation of Hamas' abuse of humanitarian zones and international law violations.
  • Operational Update and Military Pressure:

    • Israel is intensifying military pressure on Hamas to secure the release of hostages.
    • Ongoing combat includes close-quarter fighting in Gaza, eliminating tunnel shafts, and conducting raids in Khan Yunis.
    • Efforts to secure Red Cross access to hostages and provide humanitarian aid to Gaza are underway.
  • Humanitarian Front and Fuel Supply:

    • Israel has approved the supplement of fuel to prevent a humanitarian collapse in the southern Gaza Strip.
    • The Red Cross is urged to facilitate medical attention for hostages, especially the elderly and those with life-threatening injuries.
    • Security cabinet approval to prevent epidemics and humanitarian collapse in Gaza is based on the principle that aid must reach those who need it.
  • Northern Front and Threats from Lebanon:

    • Israel faces missile launches from Lebanon, with strikes on Hezbollah Terror Targets in response.
    • Hezbollah's actions are attributed to guidance and encouragement from Iran.
    • Israel holds Lebanon responsible for events on its northern border and vows to respond to aggression.

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