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How to Choose a Perfume Scent That Matches Your Style

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Perfumes play a bigger role in fashion than we think. They have the ability to elevate your outfit, fill you with confidence, and leave a lasting memory in people’s minds. 

You may have crafted a meticulous wardrobe of designer dresses. You may have put in an equal amount of thought when building your shoe collection. You may have even had long discussions with your stylist to craft a rich selection of jewelry and other accessories. 

But have you done the right research to build your perfume collection? Here, we help you pick the best fragrances based on your personal style. 

First, Determine Your Clothing Style 

What are your preferences when it comes to fashion, accessories, and makeup? What is your signature style? Which colors look gorgeous on you and what dress styles flatter your form the best? What are the aesthetics and moods that make up your personal style?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you can easily find fragrances that are “perfect” for you. Do you often oscillate toward romantic and feminine aesthetics? Powdery, floral fragrances would be great for you. Do you flaunt a sporty style? Bright, citrus perfumes will help match the energy of your look. 

Let’s look at how you can align fragrances with specific styles.

Types of Scents that Match Each Style 

Are you a classy lady? Is your style more whimsical? Do your outfits reflect your feminine nature? Are your more of a casual bird? Regardless of your personal style, you can always find perfumes that will align gorgeously with your outfit.


Casual styles are practical and comfy. They are often crafted from denim, linens, and stretch knits. If you love donning relaxed outfits that are super casual, unfussy, and effortless, woody fragrance notes would be perfect for you. 

Your fragrance should be summed up in three words: simple, fresh, and natural. Notes of lavender, oriental woods, zesty citrus, sweet spices, and patchouli, with slight touches of cedar, vetiver, pine, and sandalwood can lend your outfit a straightforward and down-to-earth feel. 

Some scents to consider would be Gris Clare by Serge Lutens, Chance Chanel Au Fraiche, Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain, and Walk On Air by Kate Spade. 


The feminine fashion style is defined by floral prints, delicate fabrics, and outfits that bring your gorgeous feminine form to the fore. 

Compliment this style with soft fragrances that are as “pretty” as your outfit and avoid perfumes that may seem overpowering. Soft, sweet, and romantic notes like lily, lilac, roses, frangipani, and jasmine would be some great choices. You can either choose a single floral note or go for a mixed floral bouquet scent. 

Some of the best considerations include Iris Poudre by Frederic Malle, Elixir Pour Femme Essence by Roma Parfums, and Pleasures by Estee Lauder.


If you flaunt a classic style, your attires are typically uncluttered, clean, and sophisticated. Classic attires include crisp blazers and button-up shirts. They glow with professionalism and power, something that is perfect for the corporate and business world.

For the classic style, you want to go for fragrances that will boost your confidence and outfit. You can consider fresh florals with notes of iris, lily of the valley, jasmine, or rose.

Some fragrance choices include Chanel No. 5, Blanche by Byredo, Arpege by Lanvin, and White Diamond by Elizabeth Taylor.

Elegant Chic 

If you oscillate toward outfits that are poised and sophisticated, your dressing style points toward elegance. On any regular day, you look ravishing in luxurious and high-quality fabrics like cashmere and silk. You pay deep attention to your grooming and outfit needs and often look put-together. 

The perfect fragrances for your style include mossy wood-style scents. The notes your perfume should be generous in must include oakmoss, labdanum, bergamot, and patchouli. 

Which perfumes would merge seamlessly with your style? The best ones would include Bottega Veneta Knot Aeau Absolute by Bottega Veneta, French Affair by Ex Nihilo, No. 19 by Chanel, and Knowing by Estee Lauder. 

Bold and Dramatic

Dramatic styles demand attention. They are bathed in bright colors, feature equally dramatic accessories and designs, and include distinctive sharp lines. 

The best way to elevate your dramatic style is to use equally bold and daring fragrances that are rich, intense, and seductive. So, go for musky notes and scents of cardamom, cinnamon, animal scents, woods and flowers, and vanilla. 

Some of the best dramatic perfumes to consider would be Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle, Opium by Yves Saint Laurant, Flowerbomb Nectar by Viktor & Rolf, and Habit Rouge by Guerlain. 

Quirky and Creative

Does your style screams “quirky” and “unique” and features asymmetrical outfit construction? Consider fragrances that are equally original, stimulating, and come with a “touch of enigma.” 

Try experimenting with different scent families of floral, spicy, and woody. You might even want to invest in multiple fragrances to match your moods and ever-changing style settings. 

Some of the best perfume options to pair your quirky styles with would include Eau de Lierre by Diptique, Vent Vert by Balmain, B Balenciaga by Balenciaga, and Devin by Aramis.

Finding Your Signature Scent

Now that you know how to match your personal style with the right perfume, here are a few more things to consider when picking your fragrances:

  • What time of the day are you wearing it? Your perfume must be understated during daytime but it can stand out during evening events. 
  • Does your perfume align with your body chemistry? Scents unfold differently for different body types and a little experimenting can help you determine what works for you the best. 
  • Do you love the way it smells on you? One of the goals of a perfume is to elevate your confidence and that can be done only when you love how it smells!

Now that you have your perfume conundrum resolved, you might want to take a splurge break and head straight to NewYorkDress to find designer styles you’ll fall in love with!

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