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Joy Behar Shocked When Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Jokes On ‘The View’ That She Wanted To “Sniff Hillary Clinton’s Chair”

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Joy Behar knows plenty about the art of comedy being a comic herself, but even she wasn’t prepared for the shocking remarks made by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on this morning’s episode of The View.

Triumph — who is a puppet voiced by Robert Smigel — dropped by The View today as part of promotion for Smigel’s new Netflix film, Leo. Before Smigel himself joined the Hot Topics table, he let Triumph have his time in the spotlight, which proved to be equal parts uncomfortable and entertaining.

Triumph let it rip right from the beginning, immediately poking fun at Behar’s age when she was first at the table to engage with him.

Behar pointed out that the last time she saw Triumph was at her birthday party last year, asking the furry puppet, “Did you have a good time?”

Triumph replied, “Oh, that was tremendous. I was at Joy Behar’s 80th birthday party. I performed. Oh, what a night it was. It was open bar and open casket.”

His joke earned an exaggerated eye roll from Behar, who noticeably did not laugh, but it was Triumph’s next line that really appeared to get under her skin.

“Joy, you and I both got so drunk we were fighting over who got to sniff Hillary Clinton‘s chair,” he quipped.

Behar, who was smiling, dropped her grin as the joke sunk in, while Sara Haines, who was seated beside her, covered her mouth with her hands in shock. Behar appeared to be surprised and disgusted by the joke, but Triumph did some quick damage control.

Joy Behar and Sara Haines on The View
Photo: ABC

“You’re beautiful!” he said of Behar — but, being an insult comic, he couldn’t resist driving home the point of her age, which did not go unnoticed by Behar. When Triumph continued, “She still looks beautiful, doesn’t she? 81 years old now,” Behar asked incredulously, “Why do you keep saying my age?”

Triumph shot back, “Joy, you realize you’re 81 — you’re old enough to run for president.”

Something tells us Triumph may have just dashed his chances for an invite to another Behar birthday.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.


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