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Stream Putting Sixth Street Storefronts up for Lease Next Year

by Ohio Digital News

Stream Realty Partners’ vision to snazzy up Austin’s Sixth Street with an array of development is starting to take shape. 

Dallas-based Stream, in partnership with architecture firm Clayton Korte, is embarking on a project that will make more than 30 spaces available for lease on historic Sixth Street, according to a news release. 

Stream aims to breathe life into the spaces with shops, restaurants and live music. In addition to attracting tenants, the firm wants to kickstart various community events in the area, including an outdoor concert series and a weekend farmers market. 

Stream and Clayton Korte will begin restoring building facades in January, and leasing will start around the same time. 

The project is part of Stream’s plan to make Sixth Street, also known as “Dirty Sixth,” an all-day destination that attracts a wide range of demographics. Sixth Street is packed with bars and basically only comes to life at night. 

“Sixth Street is central to Austin and essential to preserving the city’s vitality, and we want to bring this beloved street back to what it once was,” said Paul Bodenman of Stream. “By restoring Sixth, we honor the history and significance of this iconic Austin neighborhood.” 

Clayton Korte principal Paul Clayton emphasized the potential for Sixth Street to become a “booming daytime hub.”

Stream bought dozens of properties on East Sixth Street during the pandemic, when the downtown bar scene was practically lifeless. The firm then sought zoning changes to modify existing structures along the corridor. 

Stream’s planned projects for the area include an office building and a hotel. The Sixth Street revitalization is expected to cost between $500 million and $750, according to previous reports.

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