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Israel-Hamas war: Israel resumes Gaza bombing after truce expires

by Ohio Digital News

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a noteworthy development has unfolded following the conclusion of the 7-day Temporary Respite Stage (TRS) in the Israel-Hamas War. Regrettably, no extension has been declared post the TRS deadline. Reports from Hamas indicate casualties, with six individuals reportedly perishing in Israeli strikes in Rafa, and distressingly, two children have fallen victim to air raids on Gaza City.

Israeli Defense Forces contend that they thwarted a rocket launch from Gaza, asserting that Hamas breached the brief ceasefire. Consequently, they have recommenced hostilities against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Over the duration of the 7-day truce, 80 Israelis, predominantly women and children, and some dual citizens, were released. Simultaneously, 24 foreign nationals regained freedom. On the Palestinian side, 240 individuals, primarily women and minors, were liberated from Israeli prisons. Notably, eight Israeli hostages and 30 Palestinian prison ERs were part of the exchange that transpired on Thursday.

As the ceasefire’s expiration approached, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin implored Israel to establish safe zones for Palestinian civilians in Gaza before resuming military operations. In diplomatic engagements with senior Israeli officials, Blinkin emphasized the imperative need for humanitarian civilian protection plans. These plans should effectively minimize casualties among innocent Palestinians. Blinkin’s plea urged Israel to precisely designate areas in Southern and Central Gaza where civilians can seek refuge, avoiding displacement and keeping them out of harm’s way.

Former foreign policy adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Carol Click, provided insights into the situation. She revealed that the hostage pool had been depleted, signaling the gruesome nature of the war crimes committed. The ceasefire, in essence, hinged on live hostages, and as their numbers dwindled, it became evident that it was only a matter of time before its termination. Click shed light on Hamas’ continuous violation of ceasefire terms, utilizing the time, aided by American insistence on humanitarian resupply, to regroup and reorganize their forces.

In summary, the conclusion of the ceasefire marks a turning point, with both sides preparing for renewed hostilities. The dynamics of the conflict, shaped by the exchange of hostages and geopolitical maneuvering, underscore the complexity of the situation on the ground.

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