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Confirmed: Bruno Mars Jazz Lounge is Coming to Bellagio

by Ohio Digital News

It took a minute, but Bellagio has finally confirmed some scoop we shared back in March of 2022.

Bruno Mars is bringing a new cocktail lounge and jazz bar to Bellagio, The Pinky Ring. The Pinky Ring will open in early 2024.

As we first reported more than a year ago, the new lounge will take over the former Lily Bar & Lounge Space.

A.I. reveals why Bruno Mars is such a good piano player.

Here’s our Tweet back from when Tweets were still called Tweets. We have no idea what they’re called now. You have definitely started taking our foreknowledge for granted.

In a news release confirming the new lounge, Bruno Mars said, “I’ve been performing in Vegas for years, and I’ve always wanted a place where I could throw glamorous parties when I’m in town. A place that felt like my personal penthouse suite, with live music and sensational cocktails. The Pinky Ring is that.”

We love us some Bruno Mars, so we love that this lounge will finally be a thing.

The Bruno Mars concept was originally slated for Mirage’s Rhumbar space, but a change of hotel ownership (from MGM Resorts to the Seminole tribe) nixed that plan.

The change of course was an expensive one.

A $250,000 staircase was built so Bruno Mars could arrive discreetly at his glamorous party spot.

We assume Bruno Mars will get a similar “hidden” entrance at Bellagio.

Rhumbar is still awesome, even Brunoless, mainly due to the destination monkey bread.

The party has moved, but we suspect if Bruno Mars is involved, The Pinky Ring is destined to see impromptu performances by Mars and friends, as well as being a hangout for celebrities, sports luminaries, influencers and sex workers.

Bruno Mars has a long-term residency at Park MGM, mainly to pay off his gambling debts (we joked, insulating ourself from a frivolous lawsuit), so he’s been known to do appearances at MGM Resorts venues like the Barber Shop at Cosmo.

No, really, Bruno Mars gambles a lot.

The Pinky Ring announcement was light on details, but it said, “Moody lighting, live music, DJs spinning vinyls, a specialty bar program and best-in-class audio will be the backdrop for an incredible night out at The Pinky Ring.”

Basically, they haven’t quite ironed everything out yet.

Pinky Ring featuring jazz is a twist we didn’t see coming. Some would say there’s a scarcity of live jazz in Las Vegas, which is true. Others would point out there’s a reason for that.

A new jazz venue recently opened at Downtown Grand, Fat Cat Jazz and Blues. Let’s just say it’s had as many customers as a Lasik surgeon with hand tremors.

Another jazz-forward spot, Bourbon Parade at Grand Bazaar Shops, recently shuttered. After one month.

Bruno Mars is very talented, so he may be able to make jazz enjoyable.

Either way, the place will have a new lounge smell and, we trust, wonderful cocktails that will cost as much as a gently-used recreational vehicle.

Just no doorpersons, please, Bruno. Or we’ll tell everyone your real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.

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