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The Morning After: Google's Bard AI is getting better at understanding YouTube

by Ohio Digital News

Google has updated its Bard AI chatbot, so you can use it to parse YouTube videos. In its most recent experiment update log, the company has announced it has expanded the capabilities of Bard’s YouTube extension, so when it’s enabled, the generative AI can “understand some video content.” For example, Google said you’d be able to ask Bard how many eggs were used in a video for an olive oil cake recipe.

Bard first gained the ability to pull data from YouTube in September after an update integrated it with other Google products, including Docs, Maps, Lens, Flights and Hotels. At that point, it couldn’t parse a video’s contents though.

Google claims people have been asking for “deeper engagement with YouTube videos” — but I guess that entails watching them less.

And Happy Thanksgiving, all! It’s a short, but sweet TMA today, but expect a tidal wave of Black Friday deals landing tomorrow — I suggest keeping an eye .

— Mat Smith

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