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NFL insider reveals Andy Reid’s association with Taylor Swift’s father

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Whether or not Taylor Swift will be watching Andy Reid’s next game remains to be seen. NFL insider Adam Schefter admitted that he does not have great sources on the popstar, but that he does have sources that indicate that Reid had a relationship with Swift’s father Scott long before she was dating one of his best players.

Schefter revealed on the Pat McAfee Show:

“I do have sources that tell me that Andy Reid had something to do with their (Travis and Taylor) introduction. Andy Reid has had a longtime relationship with Taylor Swift’s father, from the days of him being a beat Eagles fan when he coached there. And I think Andy’s kind of downplayed this. But I think he’s had a little bit more of a role in this union than maybe he’s led on.”


It was hinted at early on that Reid may have helped get the two together, but now Schefter is almost confirming as much. The Kansas City Chiefs head coach has remained out of the spotlight in this relationship, but the reporter believes he had a much bigger role than he let on.

Andy Reid and Taylor Swift have connections

Taylor Swift and her family grew up in Philadelphia before moving to Nashville to support the singer’s dreams. That means that her parents had associations in that area, which according to Schefter means that he knew Andy Reid when he was the Philadelphia Eagles head coach.

Is Andy Reid connected to Taylor Swift?
Is Andy Reid connected to Taylor Swift?

The connections in this relationship are astounding. Reid was the coach in the town Swift grew up in. Fast forward to 2023 and she’s dating the coach’s tight end. What’s more is that Reid’s former team employs Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce. It is an intricate web of connection that reportedly starts with the relationship between a head coach and the singer’s father.

This will all come to a head on Monday Night Football, as Swift’s former team takes on her partner’s team. It is unclear if she’ll be in the stands, but it is a big matchup for her family nonetheless.

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