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BREAKING: IDF Uncovers Hamas Terror Facility Hidden BENEATH Mosque

by Ohio Digital News

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel on this 46th day, I am Yair Pinto reporting from Israel. The confrontation against Hamas in Gaza persists, with IDF forces from the tanks, infantry, and Engineering Corps locked in combat with a battalion of Hamas known as “Zun.” This particular battalion boasts specialized units, one of which focuses on explosive suicide attacks against IDF forces, adopting tactics reminiscent of ISIS.

The battle against this unit unfolds in the challenging terrain of the Zun area. The difficulty arises because the terrorists strategically position themselves within a residential neighborhood, emerging from kindergartens, schools, and other civilian dwellings. The IDF is painstakingly dismantling these militants, neutralizing all command stations of the Zun Brigade within Gaza. This strategic move hampers Hamas’s ability to operate effectively during the conflict.

In the course of the fight, the IDF successfully unearthed an underground tunnel, along with multiple facilities for manufacturing weapons, drones, and other terror-related ammunition. Surprisingly, these were concealed beneath a mosque and various other locations. It’s evident that Hamas exploits the civilian population, utilizing them as human shields for their terror attacks against Israel. It’s crucial to bring this truth to the world’s attention.

Amidst these operations, the IDF acquired valuable information that sheds light on the whereabouts of hostages. This intelligence is pivotal for planning the next phase of operations against Hamas in southern Gaza. Currently, 238 hostages remain unaccounted for underneath the Gaza Strip. The IDF seeks collaboration in spreading the truth about the situation in Israel to continue its mission of dismantling Hamas and securing the release of the remaining hostages.

Let us collectively pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the safety of Israeli soldiers, and the swift release of the hostages. Your support in sharing the reality of the situation is indispensable for the IDF to fulfill its mission. Thank you.

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