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Intense Clashes Surround Another Gaza Hospital as Babies Evacuated from Shifa

by Ohio Digital News

On Monday, heavy clashes erupted around a hospital in northern Gaza where numerous patients and displaced individuals had sought refuge for weeks. Israeli forces focused on clearing medical facilities, claiming that Hamas militants were using them as cover.

A shell struck the second floor of the Indonesian Hospital, resulting in at least 12 casualties, according to the Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza and a medical worker within the facility. The Israeli military has not immediately commented on the incident.

The assault on the Indonesian Hospital followed the World Health Organization’s evacuation of 31 premature babies from Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, the largest in the territory. These infants were among over 250 critically ill or wounded patients stranded in Shifa days after Israeli forces entered the compound.

Gaza’s hospitals have become a focal point in the narrative surrounding the war’s impact on Palestinian civilians. Thousands have lost their lives or been buried in rubble since the conflict began six weeks ago, sparked by Hamas’ Oct. 7 incursion into southern Israel.

Israel contends that Hamas uses civilians as human shields, while critics argue that Israel’s siege and relentless aerial bombardment amount to collective punishment of Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinians.

Marwan Abdallah, a medical worker at the Indonesian Hospital, reported that Israeli tanks were operating close to the hospital, with snipers visible on nearby rooftops. The hospital had received numerous casualties from airstrikes and shelling overnight. Abdallah expressed concerns that Israel might besiege the hospital, forcing evacuation.

Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra mentioned that approximately 600 patients, 200 healthcare workers, and 2,000 displaced people were sheltering in the Indonesian Hospital.

Babies Evacuated

The World Health Organization successfully evacuated critically ill premature babies from Shifa to a hospital in southern Gaza, with plans to transport them to a facility in Egypt. However, over 250 patients with severe infections and urgent medical conditions remain in Shifa, which can no longer provide adequate treatment due to a lack of water, medical supplies, and fuel for emergency generators amid a territory-wide blackout.

Israel claims to have evidence supporting allegations that Hamas maintained a command post under Shifa Hospital’s complex. The military released a video showing a tunnel it said was discovered at the hospital, emphasizing its accusations.

Hamas and hospital staff deny the existence of a command post under Shifa. The ongoing conflict and evacuation challenges highlight the complex humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with numerous civilians caught in the crossfire.

Escalating Tensions

As the conflict unfolds, tensions have spilled into the seas. Yemen’s Houthi rebels seized an Israeli-linked cargo ship in the southern Red Sea, taking its 25 crew members hostage on Sunday. The rebels, backed by Iran, stated their intention to target ships connected to Israel. The ship, named Galaxy Leader, operated by a Japanese company, was taken to Yemen’s port city of Hodeida.

The international community remains concerned about the escalating tensions in the region, both on land and at sea. Efforts to negotiate ceasefires and address the humanitarian crisis continue amid complex geopolitical dynamics.

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