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A message to the world, from Israeli women.

by Ohio Digital News

Imagine the worry that grips you when your sister, mom, grandma, or friend goes out and doesn't answer the phone. Your mind races through worst-case scenarios, and you can't rest until that reassuring "I'm home" text arrives. Every news story about a woman enduring a harrowing ordeal makes you sick with the thought that it could have been someone you care about. Your heart skips a beat, fearing the unimaginable.

Now, on October 7th, the terrifying tales we dread became a grim reality. Hamas's monstrous terrorists ruthlessly raped, massacred, mutilated, and kidnapped our sisters, moms, grandmas, and friends. Their phones ring unanswered, haunting the hearts of those who, for the past 43 days, have lived with a continuous absence of that comforting heartbeat.

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