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Israel says it found Hamas weapons inside Al-Shifa hospital

by Ohio Digital News

On this Wednesday night Israeli troops raid gaza’s largest Hospital medical staff scramble to protect patients what Israel claims it’s found and what gaza’s critical shortage of fuel means for Aid workers plus the sharp response from Israel’s prime minister to Justin trudo’s call to exercise maximum restraint a mission to make amends the high stake Summit between the presidents of the US and China and their goal goes beyond winning the soccer fans trying to reclaim the beautiful game plus foul.How a barfing bird was just voted bird of the century global national with Donna freezen good evening and thanks for joining us Israel warned it would Target gaza’s largest hospital and 3 hours before Dawn its soldiers swept in in what it calls a precise and targeted Mission the Israeli Army released this video its tanks rolling towards Al shifa Hospital in the darkness that hospital is full of patients and medical staff scrambled to move them to safety staff say dozens of sold iers roam through the emergency department and intensive care ordering men between the ages of 16 and 40 to leave the building military equipment there is a an AK-47 there are cartridges am ammo are the IDF also released this video which it says proves Hamas is using the hospital as a terror headquarters we can’t verify the video Israeli authorities have long claimed Hamas operates its Command Center under Al shifa Hospital staff 

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