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Israel: Hamas uses hospitals as instrument in war

by Ohio Digital News

As fighting continues near hospitals in the Gaza Strip US President Joe Biden has warned that the biggest Gazen Hospital must be protected he’s called on Israel to take less intrusive action at Alifa Israel alleges Hamas militants are using medical centers as command bases Witnesses say Israeli tanks have surrounded Alifa where doctors say they’ve been without water or electricity for days filmed just a few days ago this video apparently shot inside Gaza’s Alifa Hospital gives a sense of just how many people have been crowded inside the World Health Organization says this is no longer a functioning hospital it says there’s no more fuel for generators vital life-saving equipment is no longer working and according to medical staff at the facility dozens of newborns have now been removed from incubators and place together on beds in the open so they are literally in a very bad situation where you slowly kill them unless someone interferes to adjust or to improve their situation but these are very critical kind of cases where you have to be uh very sensitive in dealing with them you have to take care of each of them in a very special way

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