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IDF Strikes Disrupt Operations of 10 Out of 24 Hamas Battalions

by Ohio Digital News

In a recent military statement, the IDF declared a disruption in the operational efficiency of 10 out of 24 Hamas battalions. This marks a significant revelation, as the IDF, for the first time since the commencement of hostilities on October 7, disclosed official estimates regarding the scale and composition of Hamas’s forces preceding the conflict.

Before delving into the impact, let’s examine the initial state. According to IDF assessments, Hamas initiated the conflict with a force of 30,000 individuals, organized into five regional brigades. These brigades further divided into 24 battalions, and each battalion fragmented into 140 companies, averaging around 1,000 personnel. This information contrasts with prior unofficial estimates, which had placed Hamas’s forces between 15,000 to 40,000.

It’s noteworthy that the conflict with Islamic Jihad in May had previously estimated their forces at approximately 10,000. However, IDF sources hint at a reduction in Islamic Jihad’s numbers prior to the current conflict, possibly due to losses sustained in May.

To comprehend the intricacies, each Hamas brigade specializes in distinct skill sets, encompassing anti-tank missile operators, sharpshooters, engineers, aerial units (including drones or motorized hang gliders but excluding conventional aircraft), naval units, and maneuvering battle units. Moreover, each battalion houses regional command centers and smaller-scale local positions pivotal in directing the battalion’s operations.

Two specific instances highlight the adverse effects on Hamas battalions. The Shaati battalion suffered a loss of 200 individuals, including battalion and company commanders, alongside the majority of its command centers and positions. Notably, the coordinated battle plan initially deployed by Hamas disintegrated after IDF inflicted casualties on key commanders, leading to a fragmented and disjointed operational approach.

A parallel narrative emerges concerning the al Daraj-Tuffah battalion, losing over 260 individuals, including commanders at all levels. Despite efforts to replace lost commanders from other battalions, the resultant unfamiliarity and unmet expectations contributed to a notable decline in effectiveness.

This revelation provides a comprehensive insight into IDF’s progress, indicating the elimination of several thousand Hamas forces. However, skepticism persists among top IDF sources regarding the notion of Hamas nearing a “breaking” point, even as public statements suggest a loss of control in northern Gaza.

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