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Intense Fighting in Hamas Military Quarter in Gaza City Results in the Death of 50 Militants

by Ohio Digital News

In a decisive operation, Israeli forces meticulously cleared extensive regions at the heart of Gaza City, serving as the military nerve center for Hamas, as disclosed by the IDF on Thursday afternoon. The Givati Brigade, in conjunction with the 162nd Armored Division and elite forces, conducted a bold incursion into the military enclave adjacent to Shifa Hospital, eliminating 50 Hamas operatives in intense clashes. Simultaneously, they successfully neutralized an intricate subterranean network of tunnels.

During their mission, Israeli forces unearthed pivotal Hamas military intelligence records and obliterated several vital subterranean access points to tunnels, facilities dedicated to manufacturing anti-tank missiles, and launch sites for anti-aircraft rockets.

IDF Spokesperson R.-Adm Daniel Hagari declared on Thursday night, “We have vanquished multiple commanders from Hamas’ anti-tank battalions.”

What exactly comprises the military precinct within Gaza City?

The military quarter of Gaza City encompasses strategic Hamas installations, notably the central intelligence headquarters and governmental offices, including the Interior Ministry. This area also houses Gaza’s largest training grounds for urban warfare, military outposts, warehouses, and diverse munitions factories used for the production of rockets, anti-tank missiles, UAVs, and various armaments.

Hamas’ military infrastructures, dispersed among Gaza’s civilian populace

As meticulously documented by the IDF throughout Gaza, these military facilities are discreetly positioned beneath or in proximity to civilian establishments, such as educational institutions, medical facilities, and places of worship, including schools, kindergartens, clinics, and mosques. Both the IDF and Israel Security Services have presented evidence of Hamas militants confessing to the presence of tunnels and command centers beneath hospitals, including Shifa Hospital.

Furthermore, the IDF announced on Thursday the discovery of a clandestine site for producing rockets and drones nestled within a residential building, dangerously close to schools in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northern Gaza.

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