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UAE Announces Plans to Establish Field Hospital in Gaza Strip

by Ohio Digital News

In a significant humanitarian effort, UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed has instructed Emirati authorities to set up a 150-bed field hospital within the Gaza Strip to provide essential medical care for Palestinians injured during the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, as reported by the Gulf kingdom’s WAM state news agency.

Today, a convoy of five planes loaded with crucial medical supplies and equipment departed from Abu Dhabi, destined for Egypt. From there, the supplies will be transported into Gaza to support the establishment of the field hospital, according to WAM sources.

The field hospital will be developed in multiple stages and will feature specialized departments, including general surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, and gynecology. Additionally, the facility will have anesthesia and intensive care units tailored for both children and adults. Various clinics such as internal medicine, dentistry, psychiatry, and family medicine will be incorporated, ensuring comprehensive healthcare services. The hospital will also be equipped with essential medical support functions, including CT imaging, a laboratory, and a pharmacy.

This initiative underscores the UAE’s enduring commitment to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially in these challenging times. The state report emphasizes the UAE’s historical support for the Palestinian cause and its dedication to assisting the population in the face of adversity.

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