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Explore the Fearless Art of the Le Sserafim x Overwatch 2 Collaboration

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Overwatch 2 is teaming up with K-pop phenomenon Le Sserafim for the game’s first-ever musical artist event, hot on the release of their hit new single, “Perfect Night.”

The collaboration with Le Sserafim, whose name is an anagram for the phrase “I’m Fearless,” will feature new animations from the world of Overwatch. This all kicks off now, with a new in-game event, Concert Clash, that you can play on Xbox.

This unique partnership will also introduce all-new Legendary skins and amazing art crafted by the team at the Blizzard Korea Studio. To learn more about the work involved in bringing Le Sserafim to the world of Overwatch 2, we asked concept artists Shu Lee, Bobby Kim, and Dospi Jin about what it was like to bring these two worlds together.

How excited were you to create new skins based on Le Sserafim?

Bobby Kim: We had fun discussions about character modeling, rigging, and illustrations almost daily throughout the project. As the lead concept artist in Korea, I had many questions about how we could bring our incredibly unique heroes and members of Le Sserafim together and what they would look like in the world of Overwatch. Everyone worked hard to ensure that both Overwatch players and Le Sserafim fans were happy. With help from the rest of the Overwatch 2 development team, we did our best to make sure this collaboration was a success.

Shu Lee: As a concept artist for Overwatch and a fan of K-pop, I have always hoped that Overwatch would do a K-pop collaboration someday. When I first heard there would be a collaboration with Le Sserafim and that our team would work on it along with the rest of Team 4, I was over the moon! I couldn’t wait to start sketching and designing the skins right away.

Dospi Jin: I have played thousands of hours of Overwatch 2, and I am also a huge fan of K-pop, keeping track of every new song and artist. Being able to take part in the collaboration between Le Sserafim and Overwatch is one of the happiest moments of my life.

Was there any inspiration from their music and identity that helped with concepts?

Bobby Kim: While Le Sserafim’s songs were already battling for the number one spot on my playlist, capturing the potential of these amazing K-pop artists in a singular form felt like a challenge. When I was producing the initial ideations, Le Sserafim was singing about being ‘fearless’ and strong through their song, “AntiFragile,” and I was inspired by how they were showing their colors primarily through the use of denim in their outfits. Then I started to imagine Kiriko being a fan of Le Sserafim in the world of Overwatch and how she would present herself in that same style.

Shu Lee: I was heavily inspired by the word ‘Fearless’ itself, which was the origin of the group’s name, Le Sserafim. I also wanted to capture the dynamic and bright image of Le Sserafim and the “fearless” energy of the members in the design, as there hasn’t been a lot of streetwear or everyday outfits for Overwatch’s heroes until now.

Dospi Jin: I created the two key art illustrations for the collab — Le Sserafim featuring the group and the Le Sserafim Fans Illustration of D.Va, Kiriko, Tracer, Brigitte, and Sombra. It took a long time to complete them. I use three monitors when working on images, and during that time, one of them was constantly playing Le Sserafim’s music videos and vlogs. I memorized every gesture, expression, and intonation of the members to project them into my illustrations. All of those were my sources of inspiration.

Are there any fun details or facts about the skins players should look out for?

Bobby Kim: Overwatch’s heroes usually wear outfits that reveal more of their personalities and other characteristics. However, in the world where Le Sserafim and Overwatch coexist, we wanted to showcase our heroes’ everyday lives, cheering on Le Sserafim through stylish streetwear. By using the same materials but contrasting the placements — such as D.va wearing a denim top and pants to show her daily life outside of her duties and Kiriko wearing a denim jacket around her waist — we tried to highlight different charms and personalities of each hero. The image of Kiriko enjoying the concert, using tickets instead of her Ofudas, and protecting her allies with Mirrorball Suzu was the brainchild of our concept artists.

Using Le Sserafim’s logo for “Perfect Night” as part of the decorations on the outfit, with a similar iridescent element, was another effort to bring Le Sserafim into the world of Overwatch.

Shu Lee: I got to work on Brigitte’s Rocket Flail weapon. When I first thought about the design for her flail, the official Le Sserafim lightstick had just been released, so I tried to combine the lightstick with it to create Brigitte’s own version. However, there were some concerns, mainly because the original flail had four blades, and the idea of using only two was new to all of us. Still, we finally made it possible thanks to the help from the Character Modeling, Tech Art, and animation teams.

Other details that everyone from the Concept Art team paid attention to for this perfect K-pop fangirl looks are the banner tied to the Mech’s ‘bunny ears’ and the concert wristband for D.Va, the lightsticks attached to Tracer’s Chronal Accelerator, and the backpack to carry all the merch. There are a lot more cute elements you will love! Lastly, check out the victory pose and emotes using Le Sserafim’s dance moves. Those are just too adorable!

Dospi Jin: I have created Overwatch illustrations before, and it has been almost two years since my last one. In the meantime, I have been working on the art production of Overwatch 2 as a part of the Blizzard Korea Studio team. I am delighted to present new Overwatch 2 illustrations to everyone after such a long time.

When working on the Le Sserafim illustration, I had a lot of challenges. I wanted everyone to recognize the members at a glance while stylizing their faces. I worked on implementing the unique facial features and personalities of each member, changing the angles and lengths of noses, eyes, and mouths down to the pixel level for a whole month, all while aiming to portray the members as beautifully as possible.

The Le Sserafim Fans illustration can be thought of as an illustrated version of the last scene from the “Perfect Night” music video. I wanted to express the passion of the space, the happiness, and the joy of heroes like D.Va, Kiriko, Sombra, Tracer, and Brigitte going to a Le Sserafim concert in their collaborative skins. If you look closely, you’ll find Junkrat making a cameo as a big fan of Le Sserafim!

Play and Collect New Le Sserafim Skins Now in Overwatch 2!

Play Concert Clash, a new 3v3 capture-the-flag mode set in a K-pop themed Busan. Play as Dazzle D.Va, Kira-Kira Kiriko, Traysi Tracer, BB Brigitte, and Slay Star Sombra as you compete for tickets and capture points while stopping Le Sserafim’s (self-proclaimed) biggest fan, Fawksy James (a.k.a. Junkrat), from hoarding all of the tickets. Complete challenges throughout the event to earn up to 35,000 Battle Pass XP and the Fawksy James Legendary skin for Junkrat.

Also, make sure you head for the in-game shop, where you can add each of the new Legendary skins for D.Va, Kiriko, Tracer, Brigitte, and Sombra and other Le Sserafim themed cosmetics with the Mega LE Le Sserafim Bundle available throughout the event.

The Overwatch 2 x Le Sserafim event is now live on Xbox! Hurry, though, because the show ends on November 20, 2023!

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