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Kidnappings, violence and abuse of women and children

by Ohio Digital News

Israel is ready for a land operation in Gaza, scheduled to begin in the next 24 to 48 hours. And he called for the United States to provide Iron Dome missiles, small-diameter bombs, machine gun ammunition and greater cooperation in intelligence sharing. The Washington Post wrote it, while the army says aircraft are continuing to bomb the Gaza Strip to “destroy the capabilities of the terrorist group Hamas.” And the US is trying to understand whether Iran is behind the attack. Hamas says it has 100 Israeli citizens among its hostages. Including army officers.

The representative of the Moussa Abu Marzuk faction said this, according to Palestinian media, the Israeli reported. Shortly before, Islamic Jihad announced that it was holding 30 Israelis captive. The total number of this information is currently 130 hostages. Other sources speak of 750 missing people. Their fate remains a question mark for Israel, especially given the strong protests from the hostages’ relatives, who denounce being abandoned by the authorities. Social media is flooded with requests for information and help. Yesterday, Netanyahu appointed retired General Gal Hirsch as “detainees and missing persons coordinator” with the task of dealing with the matter with full authority. While the Army has set up some kind of crisis unit to try to locate them. The death toll is now 700. Over 2,300 were injured.

The stories

Social media is also full of photos and videos of abductions, violence and abuse of men, women and children abducted from their homes and forcibly taken to the Gaza Strip. Everyone has their own story. The videos show the cruelty of war: “This is my grandmother and she was captured and taken to Gaza,” Adva Adar wrote on social media, posting a picture of a woman abducted by terrorists who entered her kibbutz. “His name is Yaffa Adar and he is 85 years old.”

Ynetnews journalist Emily Schrader shared a video showing a family consisting of a man, a woman and two children sitting hostage on the floor of a house. The eldest daughter was killed in the break-in. “I wanted him to live. Is there a possibility that he can come back?” the little brother asks his mother. “No,” she replies. Then there is a heavy hail of bullets outside, and the two parents rush at their children and cover them with their bodies, risking their lives to protect them.

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