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Biden and Macron Advocate for Two-State Solution in the Aftermath of the Gaza War

by Ohio Digital News

In the aftermath of the Gaza war, both the United States and France are fervently advocating for a revival of the two-state peace process. Addressing reporters in Washington, US President Joe Biden emphasized the shared right of Israelis and Palestinians to coexist in safety, dignity, and peace.

President Biden underlined that reverting to the pre-war status quo is not an option. He stressed the necessity of incapacitating Hamas, preventing their use of Palestinian civilians as shields, and ensuring lasting peace. Biden firmly stated that the ultimate goal is a two-state solution, requiring collaborative efforts from Israelis, Palestinians, regional partners, and global leaders.

Biden acknowledged the recent Hamas attack on southern Israel, coinciding with progress in normalizing ties with Saudi Arabia. He highlighted ongoing dialogues with regional leaders, emphasizing the importance of integrating Israel while acknowledging Palestinian aspirations.

Similarly, French President Emmanuel Macron echoed these sentiments during his Cairo visit. He outlined a comprehensive approach, emphasizing counterterrorism efforts, safeguarding civilians, facilitating humanitarian aid, and establishing a political framework for a two-state solution post-Hamas conflict.

Macron emphasized France’s unwavering support for Palestinian statehood and stressed the urgency of decisive action to achieve enduring peace in the region. According to Macron, simultaneous progress on countering Hamas, protecting civilians, and establishing a political horizon is imperative for lasting peace.

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