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This color educational film shows the preparation and highlights of the 1965 National Rifle Matches in Camp Perry, OH.

Opening titles: Williams Gun Sight Company “On the Range” presents TARGET Vs
(:06-:37). Army helicopters fly. Aerial shots of rifle ranges at Camp Perry, OH. Our host discusses the many matches of shooting that will be taking place. Larry Wreckel of Saginaw, MI, one of the winners is interviewed. He discusses his rifle and what is shoots. The town people discuss while sitting on the grass (:38-3:37). Close ups on rifle shells and gun powder as rifle bullets are being made. Cartridges are being put together. Multiple kinds of bullets are placed, in order of size, on a table (3:38-5:29). Rifles are shown – M-1 rifle, Remington 40x, Winchester 52 (5:30-6:24). Exterior shots of Camp Perry, OH. Its a National Guard Post on the shores of Lake Erie. We see the grounds as a car drives around. People head for the matches. An NRA (National Rifle Association) Member introduces the matches to the public (6:25-8:15). Alva Baird of Michigan has a perfect score and is interviewed. The Wimbledon Trophy is shown and explained in close up (8:15-10:00). Rain or shine the matches go on. Barbara Hyle is shooting, she is on the all Army team and has won the ladies championship four years and is the best woman shooter. She is then interviewed (10:01-11:21). Army men line up for lunch. An army shooting target is sown up close with it’s ten inch bullseye. The target is set up in place for the competitors (11:22-12:50). A red flag is flown when firing is done at the range. Men clean and set up their rifles. People line up at the firing line. The people then start firing at their targets. Match 82 of 104 is shown. Service rifles are being fired (12:51-14:53). Men sit in position and start to fire their rifles. Some men fire and then some line up their rifles to shoot, looking through their scopes (14:54-17:20). Army men walk as other sit. Some men ready their rifles. The trophy sits on the field behind the men guarded by security. A referee walks by (17:21-18:48). Men shake hands. Military men march and carry flags. A military band plays. Officers stand at attention as their subordinates walk by. Winners are announced. Men clap, shake hands. People start to leave. Men sit and stand with their rifles (18:48-21:03). An NRA member discusses gun restrictions. A statement on the screen about marksmanship and the people who do it as well as about democracy and the right to bear arms (21:04-22:53). No end credits.

Camp Perry is a National Guard training facility located on the shore of Lake Erie in northern Ohio near Port Clinton. In addition to its regular mission as a military training base, Camp Perry also boasts the largest outdoor rifle range in the world after the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM.

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