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This color film provides highlights of the 1947 Cleveland National Air Races. A plane sits under a SkyTech Inc. sign. The B.F. Goodrich plant can be seen. The grandstand, Frederick C. Crawford, and Governor Thomas Herbert kick-off the 1947 Cleveland National Air Races (:40-1:30). Movie stunt flyer Paul Mantz wins the trophy for the cross-country Bendix Trophy race. He is joined by female pilot Jacqueline Cochran to congratulate him (1:31-2:46). Stunt flier Jimmy Grenier purposely awkwardly skims the ground in his plane (2:47-3:18). Midget planes with C85 engines compete in the Goodyear Trophy Race. “The Whitman Special wins” (3:19-5:04). A survey show simulates actual battle conditions. A formation of B-29s pass over. A Navy planes show off formation flying techniques (5:07-6:03). The all-women racers get ready for the Halle Trophy Race. The Queen City Flying Service plane is shown. One female racer’s plane is damaged up but she’s okay. Ruth Johnson receives her trophy (6:04-7:32). A bi-plane performs spins and upside-down flying tricks (7:33-8:17). The Kendall Trophy Race is limited to P-51 aircraft of identical design. Pilots use Kendall oil products to prepare their planes. The “Galloping Ghost” wins and receives his trophy (8:18-11:07). A helicopter performs (11:08-11:33). The Allison Trophy Race is a cross-country race for jet-propelled aircraft sponsored by GM. Lockheed P-80s compete (PN-309, PN-388, and PN-331) (1:34-12:28). A JATO (jet-assisted take-off) aircraft is shown (12:29-12:53). Three military officers win the Weatherhead Trophy for the world’s fastest mile (12:54-13:13). The Ohio Trophy Race features a single P-38 named Lockheed Lightning (13:14-14:09). A pusher-type plane with a 65-hoursepower engine performs (14:10-14:39). The Tenorman Trophy Race features P-63s. The 21-year old winner is shown with his large trophy (14:40-15:08). One Thompson Trophy race featured planes with reciprocating engines (15:09-16:06). The final Thompson Trophy Race qualifiers are based on speed only so a variety of aircraft qualify, including Corsairs. P-63s, and P-38s. A plane comes in too low and crashes. The winner is shown (16:07-18:30). The Cook Cleland’s Euclid Avenue Airport is shown. The wind sock says Kendall. The first place winners are individually shown for each race. The Kendall logo is shown (18:31-19:36).

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