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10 Reasons You Should Watch


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Insidious, smarmy, corrupt, deeply malevolent, and known fan of root beer, Leland (the wonderful Michael Emerson)—Kristen’s nemesis from the very start of season one—is hooked into some very dark forces, though we don’t think he’s actually a demon himself. After undergoing an exorcism (which he mostly faked) and currying favor with the Catholic Church, he’s recently wormed his way into an actual job working alongside David, Kristen, and Ben, though his “work” is mostly focused on sabotaging whatever they’re doing. He also harasses Kristen’s young daughters. Plus, there was that time last season Leland butchered his demonic therapist and cooked it into a goat stew, which he then served to an unsuspecting Sheryl. There’s no way of knowing what Leland is going to do next, other than the fact that it’s never good.

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